Chicago Burgers

Mouthwatering Chicago style beef burgers served with oat bread buns and golden chips!


For all meat lovers out there, this is the recipe for YOU! These patties are made with lean ground beef mixed with the finest spice mix of freshly ground pepper, paprika, red chilli flakes, cayenne pepper, and fresh italian seasoning. Continue reading →

Classic Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

Super moist and rich chocolate cupcakes topped with classic vanilla frosting & colourful sprinkles!

chocolate vanilla cupcake

These are my new favourite cupcakes! Yesterday, it was one of my friends’ farewell, he left to the UK this morning to pursue his studies for a master’s degree in Medicine at University of Edinburgh. So we had this little gathering at this house, it was just him and a few friends, and each of us brought something to eat to the gathering. There was Pizza, Banoffee pie (this one was amazing, I’m gonna ask my friend that made it for the recipe<3), chocolate pudding, chips & dips, and finally chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting  :-)  Continue reading →

Lemon and Mint Smoothie


mint and lemon

Nothing can beat a super refreshing smoothie on a hot summer day! This is one of my all time favourite smoothies, this is also what I usually order when I go out to a cafe. Continue reading →

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Spinach Pastries (Fatayer Sabanekh)

Middle Eastern Spinach stuffed pastry triangles, this is the recipe for you!

Spinach pastries

In the Middle East we are known for making pastries, the fillings vary but the dough is usually the same. Spinach filling is one of the most popular fillings, but it can be minced meat, white cheese, or good Zaatar!

These pastries remind me of my childhood, my Mum used to bake them a lot when I was a kid and I remember how whenever I started eating them I just could not stop, one pastry after another… you’re full… but you still want one more! This is how it is with Spinach pastries!! Continue reading →

German Plum Cake (Pflaumenkuchen)

Also known as zwetchgenkuchen, this is a German Plum cake baked with a light cake base and ripe plums…

Cake plum

Hello guys! I know it’s been a while but I’ve been extremely busy lately! I have so many decisions that I need to make and I feel like I’m gonna explode!!  8-O But let me tell you something, I’ve been trying to write this post for 3 days now, I start by going on WordPress, I click on add a new post, then I start resizing images, then watermarking the images, and finally I end up somewhere else doing something that is completely different! For example pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest, or reading other blogs! But getting all my stuff together and writing a new post makes me feel GREAT! So here I am sharing this amazing recipe with you today which I hope that you will enjoy.  :-D

This cake tastes like butter cake with summer plums! And who wouldn’t love a light butter piece of cake with ripe plums on top?? I know I would!   :-D Continue reading →