15 Important Questions You Must Ask a Wedding Venue Before Signing a Contract

Me and my fiance booked our wedding venue a few months ago, I found that it is important to know all the details before signing the contract to avoid last minute surprises!

Here I will be listing 15 important questions that you must ask before signing the contract:


  1. Is your date available?
  2. What exactly is included in the price? Do they charge per person?
  3. Are rentals included in the price? Chairs, tables, tablecloths, dance floor, plates, silverware, glassware (as they might not be provided)
  4. What sort of tables can they provide you with? Round. square, rectangular… As well as colours of the tablecloths…
  5. How many people can this location accommodate? Is there a minimum? a maximum? When booking our venue we were told that the minimum was 200 guests
  6. Does the price include alcohol or is that extra? Are you allowed to serve alcohol at the venue? Some venues might not allow alcohol to be served
  7. Does the price include the tax and the service or is that added to the price given? They usually give you a price ++
  8. Are there special prices for children? You have to ask, as normally the child cost is less than the adult.
  9. Can you bring your own cake? Chocolate fountain? Food?
  10. Is parking on site? Is there a charge for parking? Usually you have to arrange with valet parking but this depends on the venue.
  11. How much is the deposit? When is it due? Is it refundable? What’s the payment plan for the entire bill?
  12. How long can you use the space rented? Is there an overtime fee if you stay longer?
  13. What time can my vendors start setting up on the day of the wedding? Is it possible to start the setup the day before?
  14. Can we do food tasting prior to finalizing our wedding menu? And if there is an extra charge.
  15. Do they offer a special discounted rate for guests wishing to stay at their accommodation? Our venue is offering 25% off for guests attending our wedding.
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